Then they bespoke. Create a new moment, every movement

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Finally some wordly imagication

We live at a time where even the non living need to look lively

The phrase, a picture tells a thousand word, has never inspired us. We rather believe that a picture, aided with words, takes it further, a few notches

At DpiCxel, we not only click but also tell the story, how it clicked


What all we brew

We Click

Not only are we good with people & cats, we also know when & where to release the shutter

We Develop

And add dimension with words

We Story

At the end, it's your story, our way





A few recent work

which are best viewed in landscape mode on handhelds

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The Constitution

mili-juli sarkar


Product Content Creator, Photographer, Editor, Designer, Researcher, MBA, Talkative, Marketeer, Founder as well

DC, the



Is an architect by training and did her masters in design, interior/exterior designer, fashionista, artist (of many kinds), traveler, killer CAD & Photoshop skills

Architect, the

Chief Ideator


Loves words and words love her back. Ad-world personality, creative thinker, social media honcho

Copywriter, the

Chief Storyteller


Apart from using anti camera shy repellent, she also knows the difference between pink & mauve

Model, the

Chief Model